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Albert and Denise Ruiz

Denise and Albert

Albert and Denise Ruiz started Fireman Rock & Nursery Inc. back in 2008. It all started when one business was slowing down so we were able to start another. Our goal was to have a little of everything to do landscape projects and not have to travel all over town to do it. Every year we build a little more to are inventory.

Fireman Nursery is a family owned business. We are blessed with four wonderful children, who stood by are side and helped us build are new adventure in life. Now that we have expanded to other ventures they are still by are side. We have also been blessed with three grandsons. Family is very important to us and is one of are main focus.

We feel family reflects on the way we treat are staff and customers.

Albert and Denise Ruiz
Albert Mendoza

         Fireman Rock and Nursery


We make sure our Nursery is stocked with plants, flowers, rocks, yard furniture and whatever landscaping items a customer would need and want. When you walk into our nursery we like our customers to feel at home.


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